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For 2020, I added a new item to my annual agenda (aka new year’s resolution): reducing my carbon footprint. A mix of increased awareness, Netflix documentaries, and the innate human urge to make a change got me here.

Before we start making random changes, we need to figure out what’s wrong exactly. And since I’m not qualified to judge what companies, politicians or the Illuminati are doing right or wrong (at least not openly for now), I thought I’d start with the man in the mirror.

Follow me on this little self-analysis and be there when I present my 2020…

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“Why would I want to explain Digital Marketing to a 4-year-old?!”

I have no idea. But now you’re here. So bear with me.

As part of my online class on content marketing by CXL, there’s a module taught by Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media Studios. As part of the SEO section, he presents this brilliant little illustration which would make every 4-year-old understand the basics of Digital Marketing (which means you and all of your clients should also understand it).

What is Digital Marketing (“the boring version”)?

The American Marketing Association defines Digital Marketing (DM) as:

[…] any marketing method conducted through electronic devices. This includes online…

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Many people are dreaming of a career in Marketing. So to get ahead of the game, they decide to study, get a certificate, or participate in a workshop to level up their skills and land their dream job.

If that’s you, do me one favor. Scrutinize your uni, school, or platform of choice. Then check if they will teach you this most important skill of a Marketer: Copywriting!

If they do, the program is probably of good quality and you are set to be the king of the plains. Well, sort of…

How I Ended Up In Marketing

TL;DR: If carefully curated, personal stories bore you…

What is “team as a service”? OK, imagine the following: You get the task to win the Champions League next year, and you have two choices to do so:

  1. Build your own superstar team
  2. Borrow a team of your choice (how about Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid?)

No doubt, if you have the time, confidence, domain knowledge, and ambition, you could opt for option 1. You would source the right people and then push them through the 5 different stages of Team Development and hope that you made the right choice so that they’re ready for the big gig on time.

Xander Wegscheider

On a mind-bending quest to comprehend the relevance of selfies with deep captions 🕵

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